Child Protection and Safeguarding



Who keeps us safe in school?

It is our job to keep you safe in school. If you have any worries, problems or if you feel unhappy you can talk t your teacher or any adult in school. We have a child protection policy where we write down everything we have to do to keep you safe.  Please click here to read our policy. In school, everyone will help to keep you safe. Some adults you could talk to are;

Ms DiPlacito is our school SENCo and deputy safeguarding lead. Mrs Flood is our head teacher and designated safeguarding lead. Mrs Kearford is our safeguarding and wellbeing officer and deputy safeguarding lead. Mrs Delany is our deputy head teacher and deputy safeguarding lead.


If you are concerned about a child, please phone us on 01924 299244 and ask to speak a member of the Safeguarding Team.

 For a copy of our child friendly safeguarding policy please click here.

For advice and guidance on various child protection and safeguarding issues please see our 'helpful links' page.


 More about our school's policies regarding inclusion and safeguarding can be found on our 'policies and premium' page.



E-Safety at our school

We take e-safety very seriously at English Martyrs. To find out about e-safety within the curriculum as well as staff training, parent workshops and our plans for the future please click here.

 We have a school safeguarding policy which can be found in a leaflet format by clicking here

New Snap Maps Feature. E-safety concerns.

It has come to our attention that Snapchat now has a feature where users can share posts on a Snap Map. Snap Map allows users to search maps for public posts and then zoom in to find the exact location of the user. It also lets people locate their 'friends' on a map that is accurate enough to determine where people live. Please remember that the minimum age to hold a Snapchat account is 13 in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. If you or your children do use this app please find the information in the link below on how to switch off location sharing.



E-Safety for parents


The NSPCC and O2 have teamed up to offer some fabulous free advice for families about keeping safe online.  For tips and advice on parental controls, keeping safe whilst playing minecraft, how to be 'share aware' and loads more,  please click here.


For more helpful links on e-safety please see our 'helpful links' page.