Annual attainment results and performance tables are shared with the public to celebrate the progress made by the children of English Martyrs.

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KS2 Data

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Key Stage 2 Outcomes


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2016 Data and Commentary

2015 Attainment Results 



KS1 Data

2016 KS1  Phonic Screening

We are proud to announce that Year One exceeded their target of being in line with the 2015 national average for the phonics screening check (77%) with 83% reaching the pass mark.

In Year 2, 91% of the children resitting the phonics screening check passed this time around.  Compared to the national data for year 2 retakes these outcomes compare very well.

2016 KS1 data

The year 2 children tackled this years SAT tests with calm determination and a great positive attitude and we are so proud of them for all trying their best.

In Reading, 77% are working at or above 'Age Related Expectations' which shows an improvement on their EYFS reading data.

In Writing, 67% are working at  or above 'Age Related Expectations' which is inline with EYFS profile data for writing.

In Maths ,80% are working at or above 'Age Related Expectations' which again shows an improvement on the cohort's EYFS profile maths data.

 Altogether there are 67% of the cohort working at or above 'Age Related Expectations' which compares well with their 'Good level of development' percentage in the EYFS.


Previous KS1 data

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EYFS Profile Scores

This year our data shows that we are once again in line with the national average and previous data with 67% of children reaching a 'good level of development'. The 10 children who have not attained a 'good level of development' are made up of children with additional educational needs, including English as an additional language and children with one to one support for Special Educational Needs.




We were visited by Ofsted in  September 2017.

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 Our last RE Inspection was in January 2013.
We were very pleased to receive a result of 'outstanding' in RE.

Section 48 RE Inspection Report

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OFSTED Inspection Report 2012
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