After School Clubs

We are pleased to be able to offer a number of after school clubs to children to enrich their learning beyond what we are able to cover in class.
After school clubs begin at 3.20pm and run until 4.20pm with the exception of Karate which ends at 4:30.
Please ensure that your child is collected promptly at the end of after school clubs.


The following after school clubs are available this term.


Philosophy with Mrs Delaney: Years 1-3

Rugby with Mr O'Brien & Mr Bamford: Years 4-6

Russian: Years 1-6




Drama/Glee with Mrs Wainwright: Years 1-3

Homework/Booster with Mrs Clarke & Mrs Delaney: Year 6


Multiskills with Mr Bamford: Years 1-2









Construction Club with Miss Mountain & Mr Salkow: Reception- Year 6

Blogging Club with Miss Starkey: Years 3-6

Netball with Miss McGee: Years 5-6





Sign Language with Mrs Appleyard, Miss Bracken & Mr Hussain: All years

Karate with Sensei Graham: Years 1-6