Our School Day

Thank you to all those families who ensure their child arrives to school promptly and is collected from school in good time. This is especially appreciated between morning nursery finishing and afternoon nursery starting, as the Foundation Stage staff have only a small amount of time to prepare the Foundation Stage for afternoon sessions.

Our school gates are open at 8:30am, with school doors opening at 8:40am when morning nursery starts too. From 8:45am to 9:00am we have prayers and registration and then lessons begin….


The school gate is closed at 9:00am once parents have dropped their children off.
Morning nursery finishes at 11:40am while the rest of school works through until 12:00 noon with a 15 minute break at some point in the morning.
Afternoon nursery starts at 12:20pm while afternoon sessions in the rest of school start at 1:00pm with registration and prayers
KS1 children have a 15 minute break during the afternoon; and KS2 children may have a comfort break at the class teacher’s discretion.

Our school gates are opened at 3:00pm ready for 3:15pm when lessons end and the children are dismissed after prayers
At 3:20pm afternoon nursery session ends and school doors are closed. Our school gates are closed at 3:30pm
Children go home, or may stay for an after school club - after school clubs finish in time for all the children to be collected by 4:20pm.
If your child arrives after these times, or you will be late collecting, please go to/contact the main school office via the entrance at the front of school.