Year 4

Welcome to the Year 4 section of our school website! In Year 4, we focus on becoming independent investigators and are working on developing our reasoning skills across all areas of our curriculum. 

"My name is Mrs Delany and I am Year 4's class teacher and I teach Monday to Wednesday." "Hi I'm Mrs Mayfield and I teach Year 4 aswell." 

This term, we are working on our Africa topic and are enjoying looking at the history of the Kingdom of Benin and some African geography. We have been looking at artwork by a South African artist called Gakonga and making our own versions of Ethiopian pocket idols. 
In literacy, we are reading the book Butterfly Lion, which links in with our topic work. We can sustain our writing for a long time, and our biggest focuses in our writing now are paragraphing and varying the structure of our sentences by using devices like fronted adverbials and dialogue. We are working hard on our use of speech punctuation too.

We love reading in Year 4, and are excellent at showing our understanding of what we have read through reading comprehension. We love to read all kinds of different things and like to follow our interests with what we read. 
In maths, we are working hard on our times tables so that we know them all by the end of the year, ready for Year 5. We really enjoy challenging ourselves to use our reasoning and problem solving skills to solve tricky questions, and are becoming more resilient every day by keeping going with problems that really make our brains work! 

Earlier in the year, we looked at the history of fashion from 1066 to the present day in our Fantastic Fashion topic, and studied the lives of the Anglo-Saxons during Spring Term. We produced some amazing textiles work as part of our work on fashion and learned a lot about invasion, settlement and land use during our work on the Anglo Saxons. 
We have also done some fantastic home learning this year, and are great at working with members of our family to deepen our understanding of things that we have looked at in school.

One of the highlights of Year 4 has to be our trip to Robin Wood, and this year was no exception. The children represented our school well and pushed themselves out of their comfort zones as they rode the giant swing, climbed to the top of the trapeze and sent arrows flying like Robin Hood in archery. We have seen the benefits of the trip since we got back to school, with children growing in confidence and working in groups really successfully. 
We are now enjoying our last half term in Year 4, and are busily working on our final ukulele performance with Mrs Robinson.
If you have any questions about what goes on in Year 4, please don’t hesitate to speak to Mrs Delany or Mrs Wainwright after school, or to make an appointment through the office.  





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