Year 6

Welcome to Year 6's webpage. As the oldest children in school, we take responsibility for our own learning and want to be Year 6 students rather than pupils. All of our school's prefects come from Year 6 and we are doing a great job with our responsibilities.

"My name's Ms Clarke and I am the Year 6 teacher."

"I'm Mrs Mayfield and I teach Year 6 on a Thursday and Friday."

"I'm Mrs Quinn and I work in Year 6 too"


If you have any questions about year 6 you could look at the information on the right. Otherwise, make an appointment to see Ms Clarke, who will happily help.





Please find information about our Curricular Key Skills here:

Year 6 Key Skills

Please download our termly curriculum letters here:

Autumn Curriculum Letter

Spring Curriculum Letter




Year 6 Autumn Curriculum Letter

Year 6 Spring Curriculum Letter

Year 6 Summer Curriculum Letter