English Martyrs Catholic Primary School

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Art contributes significantly to the wealth, culture and creativity of our nation. At English Martyrs Primary School we believe all pupils should have access to a curriculum that not only inspires and excites them, but also allows them to invent, create and experiment. Children will learn how to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas by using a wide range of materials, tools and skills. They will have the opportunity to design, draw, paint, sculpt and print, both in response to their own ideas and emotions and the work of great artists throughout history.

In the Early Years Foundation stage children use a wide range of media and materials to experiment with size, shape, texture and design. In Key Stage One children are encouraged to share their ideas and imagination through the art of drawing, sculpting and painting, amongst other skills. Links are made to topics, celebrations and experiences to ensure all the activities are relevant and inspiring. In Key Stage Two children are taught to improve their mastery of various techniques using a wider variety of tools and materials and are encouraged to use sketching and planning techniques before perfecting their final masterpiece.


Welcome to the EMS Virtual Art Gallery 2021

We have taken our inspiration from the work of famous artists Escher, David Hockney, Chuck Close, Steve McQueen and Henry Moore!