English Martyrs Catholic Primary School

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History at English Martyrs is about equipping children with the essential thinking skills that they need to evaluate evidence in all areas of life and decide whether a source of information is trustworthy or not. Through a range of periods of history, children are taught skills of enquiry, interpretation and communication alongside an understanding of world history and the place of British history within it.

As children move through school they will study key people, key events in British history and will undertake studies of the history of other cultures, such as the Kingdom of Benin in Africa, which they will learn to compare with our own history. As one unit of work builds upon topics studied in previous terms, children deepen those important enquiry skills and learn to apply them in a range of historical contexts so that they can then apply them in other areas of the curriculum. The overarching aim of the study of history is to equip our children with the skills that they need to become well-rounded and discerning thinkers in all areas of life.