English Martyrs Catholic Primary School

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Life today is driven by technology. It impacts almost every aspect of our lives, therefore at English Martyrs Primary School we understand the importance of having a computing curriculum which is current, exciting and ties into all other aspects of learning. Computing is often taught discretely through other subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, Art and Design Technology. Computing at English Martyrs ensures children become digitally literate and are able to use Information and Computer Technology to express themselves and develop their own ideas. Through Computer Science children are taught how digital systems work and how to use their understanding of these programming systems to create animations and games.

New Technologies open up many exciting benefits and opportunities for children but they can also present risks that need safeguarding against. Technology touches so many aspects of society and children now play online games, own mobile phones and access social networking sites where safeguarding is essential. It is crucial that children learn about their digital footprints and how to stay safe online, including what to do if they encounter cyber bullying or 'trolling'.