The study of English develops children’s ability to speak confidently and clearly, listen attentively, and read and write for a range of purposes.

The subject is timetabled and taught discreetly, however literacy skills are cross curricular and linked into appropriate novels, so opportunities to use and develop them are embedded all curriculum areas.

English Martyrs is a Read Write Inc school. This is the programme which is used to teach phonics in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. The link below will take you to the RWI website with lots informative videos should you want to find out more. http://ruthmiskin.com/en/ 


English Martyrs is a Mastery English School. English is taught from Year 1 to Year 6 using a whole class text in two -week units. Lessons follow the six part structure and link closely to the whole class text.

More details about Mastery English can be found at http://masteryenglish.co.uk 

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Speaking and Listening

We want all our children to be confident communicators from the start of their school journey. So starting in Foundation Stage, we ensure the children have access to a language rich environment, with ample opportunities to develop the ability to express themselves clearly and confidently. This focus continues in Key Stage 1 where children regularly take part in small group work that requires discussion and collaboration, as well as drama and role play activities. In Key Stage 2 children continue to develop their ability to communicate effectively within a team and experience range of drama activities, which require them to speak in different contexts, considering their audience and the purpose of their speech.



One of our primary aims is for all our children to develop a love of reading. To encourage this we provide them with opportunities to enjoy a rich variety of genres. In every class we have a great selection of books for the children to read, and we have supplemented books further by the opening of our new school library!

Children from Nursery to Year 2 take part in a daily phonics lesson, which involves introducing new sounds to the children, and then providing them with an opportunity to apply their new knowledge to reading and writing. Children then get to test out their new understanding on the phonics books within our reading scheme. They are encouraged to develop both fluency and understanding through discussions of the book with the adult they share it with.

In Key Stage 2, children continue to build on the skills developed in Key Stage 1. They are taught to read more challenging texts, different authors and genres, and develop techniques for deduction and inference.



In Foundation Stage children begin to make the links between sounds and letters. They are encouraged to write in all areas of provision.   Children are also given lots of opportunity for outside play to develop the gross and fine motor skills needed for writing.

Throughout Key Stage 1 and 2, children are systematically taught the skills to enable them to write a variety of text types confidently and independently through shared, guided and independent writing tasks with real audiences.