English Martyrs Catholic Primary School

Walking with Jesus. God's love in action.

Religious Education

'English Martyrs Catholic Primary is a good Voluntary Academy. It is a deeply committed and caring community which is united in promoting the Catholic mission of the school.
Pupils are extremely polite and helpful to visitors and this goes hand in hand with their excellent behaviour. They willingly accept responsibility for caring for each other.'

‘This is a Good school’ OFSTED S48 Inspection 2018


RE is at the heart of our school. We aim to provide an environment where children can actively live their faith and experience being a part of a caring and compassionate community. Opportunities for regular prayer and liturgy enable the children to explore their spirituality and their response to God and to other people. They take part in many forms of prayer, including traditional prayer, music, liturgical dance and meditation as well as different liturgies and assemblies. The Eucharist is at the heart of our prayer life and children participate as fully as possible in an age appropriate way.




The Way, the Truth and the Life is the core resource for our RE lessons from Foundation Stage to Year 6. Their attainment and progress is tracked using the levels of attainment set by the Diocese. We incorporate many things into our lessons including artwork, drama and dance; as with other core subjects, children are assessed three times a year.

Each classroom has a prayer focus reflecting the season of the liturgical year as well as the current RE topic. The Catholic nature of our school is apparent in displays around the school.

Children are taught to respect others in society and during the year opportunities are given for them to explore and study other faiths and cultures through visits to places of worship.

Children are taught to think of others and to help them where possible. Through annual fundraising events for CAFOD, the children are taught to have responsibility for our neighbours in the wider world.

Please see our RE long term plan below, which shows the topics covered in each year group.